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Coco Demure, the australian Diamond Doll       

Ella será la encargada de presentar la gala concurso Burlesque RDV, "Rendez-Vous", la cita más esperada del Roll Out Rockabilly Weekend, para coronar a "Lucky Roll Out" 2023 !

She will be in charge of presenting the Burlesque RDV gala contest, "Rendez-Vous", the most exciting show of the Roll Out Rockabilly Weekend, to crown "Lucky Roll Out" 2023!

All About Coco

The glamour puss, an explosion of quirky, flirty and cute with a sense of humour, diversity and imagination to captivate on stage. An international Burlesque Baby that has graced stages around the globe. Performing in Hollywood, Australia and Europe. 

​Coco Demure began her burlesque career in 2007 in Perth Australia after being introduced to Burlesque by Sugar Blue Burlesque girls. After joining various workshops an classes hosted by the gorgeous Adora Derriere, Bonnie Fox, and Scarlot O´Harlot, she decided to branch out an explore the world of burlesque which bought her all the way from down under to Europe. From 2012-2016 she had the honor of working in Spain with Lady Dramakuin and was given the chance to became the resident performer in Viva Las Vegas Club run by Lady Dramakuin. Coco then became the teacher of choreography and BurlesqueFit in the School of Burlesque in Madrid. In 2017 Coco joined forces with Roxi Devil and Cherry Kelly and created The Moncheries, an international travelling Burlesque show.

 To help build the Burlesque community in Spain even more Coco Demure now co-produces various shows around Spain and Europe. Coco Demure formed Vermut Varietes with Miss Loot in 2018 consiting of 15 variety performers, consiting of Burlesque, Drag, Circus, Cabaret and Dance. They Have regular shows and events in Madrid   

​This diamond doll draws inspiration from the seductuive sirens of the silver screen, her energy evokes the wild antics of the twenties while her signature style rouses the Femme Fatale of 1940´s Film Noir with a sense of humor. Coco Demure is also an experienced burlesque teacher and fitness fiend having taught and performed burlesque, seduction, burlesque fit and the art of tease for over 5 years.

​She also loves doing charity events.

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